40,000 Oysters & Clams brought to you by East Coast Shellfish Growers Association & the Annual Milford Oyster Festival. There will also be other great foods, and Beer & Wine in two locations (Fowler Field behind the Library AND at Lisman Landing Harbor Stage)

40,000 Oysters & 6000 Clams along with other great foods, Beer and Wine are available in two locations: Fowler Field directly behind the library and at Lisman Landing Harbor Stage. Several varieties of oysters will be sold at the Festival representing some of the most prominent oyster growers on the east coast. Eat one or eat a coupla’ dozen. Enjoy oysters both salty and sweet, grown from Maine to Virginia. Many of the growers will be at the Festival with their oysters so you can ask them how they do it and why their oysters are the best.

All of the oysters are being provided by members of the East Coast Shellfish Growers Association, dedicated to the production of delicious, nutritious and sustainable shellfish.

Oyster Shucking Contest:
– 1st heat-5:45p.m. Friday at Oyster Eve
– 2nd and 3rd heat-11:ooa.m. Saturday
– Oyster Eating Invitation @11:15a.m.
Located at Lisman Landing Harbor Stage, Helwig Street
Winners of the shucking contest announced at 11:30 a.m.

Support local organizations serving up great food all day

Enjoy cold beer, oysters, sausage & peppers, lobster rolls, fried dough, pulled pork, burgers, hot dogs, fried seafood, corn dogs, steak & cheese and more!