AMOF in the Community

The Annual Milford Oyster Festival in the Community

The charter of the Annual Milford Oyster Festival, a 501(c)4 non-profit organization, is multi-faceted:

  • Promote the City of Milford, our beautiful downtown and harbor areas and local businesses with a community-oriented day of entertainment and attractions.
  • Celebrate the oyster industry and its proud history in Milford and Long Island Sound.
  • Provide a forum for the outreach of civic groups to raise awareness and funds for their organizations.

The Milford Oyster Festival has a direct positive economic impact on Milford. As the only tourist event in Milford, the Festival attracts thousands of visitors every year from outside of Milford. Local restaurants, businesses, vendors and civic groups reap the benefit of these tourism dollars during the Festival weekend. The positive economic impact of the Festival continues throughout the year as Festival goers return to Milford to enjoy our vibrant downtown and harbor areas.

The Festival is proud to host 70+ civic groups throughout the downtown and harbor areas. For many groups, the festival is their most important public awareness & fund raising event of the year.

In addition to festival day activities, the Festival annually supports many local organizations with direct contributions. Over the past 10 years, the Festival has contributed in excess of $60,000 to local civic projects and groups. From multi-year funding of the hanging flower baskets at Lisman Landing and the Hotchkiss Bridge in our beautiful harbor area, to the upgrade of the Beth-El computer infrastructure or the annual Children’s Trout Derby at the duck pond, the Festival is proud to be a part of the "Small City with a Big Heart."

2017 Committee

AMOF in the Community

2015 Recipients

  • Milford Chamber of Commerce
  • Milford Arts Council
  • Friends of Milford Library
  • United Way of Milford,Dept. of Human Services
  • Social Learning Center of Benhaven
  • Rape Crises center of Milford
  • Platt Tech Post Prom
  • Toys for Tots
  • Milford Prevention Council
  • Milford Food Bank
  • Milford Children's trout Derby
  • Milford Animal Shelter
  • Literacy Center Of Milford
  • Kids Count
  • Jonathan Law Post Prom
  • Foram High School Post Prom
  • Concerned Citizens for People with Disabilities
  • Camp Happiness-Milford Rec Dept.
  • Bridges Community Support Systems
  • St. Mary Boy Scout Troop #721
  • Friends of Milford Library
  • Beth-El Shelter
  • Young Parents Program
  • Boys and Girls Club of Milford
  • Devon Lions
  • Irish Heritage Society and The Fallen Heroes